Helloooo, is anyone home? o3o I wish you would post more, this blog seemed lovely :\

I’m sorry, doll. I’ve been very busy lately. ;;;

do you know that your sidebar picture is a fanart picture for the webcomic homestuck?

Of course. I am a fan of Homestuck, after all!

Hello! If you're looking for pastel goth jewelry, please look at my store. zombieunicornjewelry*storenvy*com

Yes of course! I was about to make a post on your jewelry, I really do like them.

☯❤ Masterpost ❤☯





(I’ll edit more later I’m tired atm)

New blog!

Hello lovelies, I made a new blog dedicated for pastel goth shoppers who just want to look in one place, my theme coding is being dumb right now so it won’t let me make changes!! I promise I’ll get a better one soon, yours truly,